Rights and Permits

Permitting is involved from the start to the finish of the Maverick Engineering Process. We know that without a permit, no tool or crew will ever be allowed to build a network. The focus and push of our permitting team is to build relationships. Over the 20+ year course of experience, Maverick has come to appreciate and recognize that permitting is driven by individuals more than the municipal code and defining regulations. Working closely with individuals at permitting authorities assists all parties in schedules, communication of importance, exceptions to rules and more. Having experts meet and greet with the entities is key to establishing guidelines and understanding the people that release permits for construction to take place.

Maverick offers full public right-of-way permitting and private land rights acquisition services. Some examples of permitting jurisdictions include the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, The Department of Environmental Protection, DOTs, private railways, and local municipalities. Maverick can also support in utility easement acquisition. Our permitting team also has a certified traffic control specialist in house to produce any required custom traffic control (TCP) or maintenance of traffic (MOT) plans.

Our permitting capabilities include:

  • Agency Negotiation and Permit Consulting
  • Route Permits, Plan and Profile for City, County, DOT
  • H.A.C.E – Historical, Archeological, Cultural and Environmental
  • Section 106
  • NEPA
  • SHPO
Rights and Permits Engineering