Delivering the Professional Resources Needed to Immediately Impact Relief and Restoration Efforts During Catastrophic Events

For Emergency Response Services Please Call 1-866-930-2011

We respond when most needed, restoring power under the most difficult circumstances.

Emergency Utility Repair Assessment Company


It is imperative to have qualified Damage Assessors so the damage can be accurately reported and in a timely manner. This ensures correct materials and crews are dispatched to location.

Primary Crews Storm Utility Repair Company

Primary Crews

Our Primary Line Crews are dedicated professionals of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). They are skilled, dedicated, and safely perform their trade.

Post Storm Assessment and Cleanup

Post Storm Assessment & Clean Up

Maverick provides the personnel and equipment necessary for the cleanup of debris that is left behind from damaged and destroyed poles, conductors, and transformers.

What Sets Maverick Storm Services Apart?

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    Expert Team

    Our management team understands the importance of responding to a storm situation in an effective, timely and most importantly safe manner. They are on hand to leverage their years of experience to support our clients in successfully restoring power.
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    Available 24/7

    With assets throughout the U.S., Maverick is available 24/7 to quickly mobilize our fleet of experienced and qualified field teams to help restore power and communications, getting life back to normal for you and your customers.
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    State-of-the-Art Storm Center

    Often, before you even call, Maverick is prepared to respond to potential catastrophic events from hurricanes to ice storms. Maverick monitors the situation from our state-of-the-art storm center, and quickly notifies key personnel in areas that may be affected.
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    Professional Resources

    From primary and secondary crews, wire guards, assessors, to our fleet of over 77 insulated bucket trucks, Maverick has the professional resources to immediately impact the relief efforts and restoration operations.
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    Affiliate Collaboration

    Through collaboration with our affiliate company One Source Power, an electrical line construction company, Maverick has access to over 200 crews and a data base of over 800 linemen throughout the United States available for mobilization.
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    Safety First

    Safety is our core value and number one priority at Maverick. We are focused on ensuring that every member of the team goes home safely, every day.
Headquartered in Boston, MA, with over 25,000 sq. ft. of office space and 156,000 sq. ft. of garage and outdoor space
Additional full-time offices in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, Portland, OR, and Galway, Ireland
Successful completion of large and complex turnkey programs; design, scheduling, project management, installation, construction and material sourcing, emergency and storm response crews
Over 350 pieces of equipment, with 3 full-time mechanics and 89 Bucket Trucks
More than 150 full time construction and 60 full time engineering employees


Our mission:

To restore power and normalcy for our clients quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely

Utility Pole Inspection Services

Areas Serviced

Maverick’s corporate headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. Maverick also maintains offices in Portland, OR, Florida, and Galway, Ireland, with a number of additional regional offices located strategically throughout the United States too.

The following map highlights the areas we serve the locations of Maverick offices.


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