Storm Services

When catastrophic events or natural disaster occur, Maverick’s Strom response services can provide significant professional resources that will immediately impact the relief efforts and restoration operations. Maverick has a significant database of Storm Assessment crews, Line Watchers and Power Lineman available for mobilization immediately.

Emergency Utility Repair Assessment Company


It is imperative to have qualified Damage Assessors so the damage can be accurately reported and in a timely manner. This ensures correct materials and crews are dispatched to location. Which ultimately determines the amount of time it will take for the power to be restored. Maverick uses qualified damage assessors. Many of our damage assessors are retired linemen and utility workers who have decades of experience working on distribution systems.

Wire Guards

Our Wire Guards have an intimate knowledge of hazard recognition and safety. They protect and warn the public about downed and fallen wires and they warn the public that the ground and other objects in the area may be energized and must be considered dangerous. Our Wire Guards stay at the scene until qualified personnel arrive and make the downed wire safe.

Storm Wire Guards Company
Storm Secondary Service Crews

Secondary Service Crews

Maverick’s Secondary Service Crews are fully qualified to work in the secondary power space. They wear proper PPE – including rubber gloves and sleeves. Our Secondary Service Crews repair, install, and help trouble shoot electrical services running from the utility pole to the house. They ensure customers have correct voltage at the meter socket and inform customers if an electrician is needed to make further repairs.

Primary Crews

Our primary line crews are dedicated professionals. Our primary crews are both International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and are also non-union Primary Line crews, all dependent on our client’s needs. Our primary line crews are skilled, dedicated, and safely perform their trade and they can perform a range of services. This work covers overhead and underground distribution, utility pole installation, substation repairs, and troubleshooting.

Primary Crews Storm Utility Repair Company
Post Storm Assessment and Cleanup

Post Storm Assessment & Clean Up

Maverick provides the personnel and equipment necessary for the cleanup of debris that is left behind from damaged and destroyed poles, conductors, and transformers. We can distinguish the difference between electric utility debris and communication debris. Our team has the knowledge of the proper process of retrieving and the disposal of hazardous material.


Maverick provides experienced storeroom personnel to assist with the heavy burden of stocking and delivering material during a restoration event. Our personnel include certified forklift operators and storeroom assistants. These team members are equipped with pickup trucks or cargo vans to assist with hauling material to your job sites. We also have veteran storeroom managers that have the required skills to set up remote field store operations.

Storm Services Logistics Company
Stray Voltage Repair Company

Stray Voltage

Neutral-to-earth voltage, often referred to as stray voltage, is the condition when an electrical current flows from a hot wire directly to the neutral or ground wire. Load, leakage, and fault currents can cause stray voltage. Stray voltage can occur and is often tested at distribution overhead, underground facilities, streetlights & traffic signals, substation fencing, and transmission structures. Stray voltage is initially tested using an HDE direct contact low voltage detector and then specific voltage reading is required using a voltmeter.