Winter Storm Power Restoration
30Dec, 22 December 30, 2022Snow Storm Utility Damage
  • By Caroline McNally

Over the holiday season, the Maverick Storm Services team were kept busy responding to power outages caused by the winter storm Elliott in the states of Connecticut and New Hampshire. Over the course of six days, from December 22nd until December 26th, 126 Maverick team members worked tirelessly with our partners at Eversource to restore power for affected communities ahead of the holiday season.

To ensure safe and efficient power restoration, Maverick dispatched 52 wire guards, 19 damage assessors, and 15 secondary crews across Connecticut and New Hampshire. Although wire guards were released the night of Christmas Eve, the majority of crews were not released and continued to work tirelessly to restore power through December 26th.

Although Storm Elliott did not leave catastrophic damage in it s wake, it’s destructive presence was felt by those left without power coming into the holiday season. Maverick Storm Services is grateful to have a hardworking and diligent team of men and women dedicated to helping restoring normalcy and power for local communities in their time of need.