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05Oct, 23/ 0 views

Winter is Coming: Preparing for the Unpredictable in New England

New England, a region known for its picturesque fall and winter seasons, often finds itself in the grip of winter storms that can be both mesmerizing and menacing. As the air turns crisp and the days grow shorter, it’s essential for residents to prepare for the inevitable arrival of winter storms. The unpredictability of these storms, their s …

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Storm Restoration Crew in Bucket TruckSafety
15Feb, 23/ 0 views

More than Meets the Eye: Types of Storm Response Crews

When we think of storm restoration we usually think of linemen. Linemen is a broad term that does not differentiate between the multiple types of crews and linemen that respond to storm restoration. Storm restoration responders each have in-depth experience and training for their specified role, with responders being categorized into one of three g …

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Lineman putting on rubber gloves.Safety
06Feb, 23/ 0 views

Schooling Storm: What it Takes to Become a Lineman

Entering any career can feel like an uphill battle and becoming a lineman is no different. Linemen work to restore and fix downed power lines, fiber optic cables, and telecommunications lines to ensure communities are not left without utilities after storms take place. In order to safely and successfully fix downed wires for communities, linemen re …

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02Nov, 22/ 0 views

“Safety First”- Why it’s at the center of everything we do

Safety is our core value and number one priority at Maverick. Since Maverick’s founding in 1996, we have focused on ensuring that every member of our team goes home safely, every day. We are an ISNetworld-certified company “A” rating and an exemplary 0.74 MOD rating; we will and do not sacrifice or compromise on safety. Maverick ta …

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