Storm Restoration Crew in Bucket Truck
15Feb, 23 February 15, 2023Safety
  • By Caroline McNally

When we think of storm restoration we usually think of linemen. Linemen is a broad term that does not differentiate between the multiple types of crews and linemen that respond to storm restoration. Storm restoration responders each have in-depth experience and training for their specified role, with responders being categorized into one of three groups; being either a primary crew, secondary crew, or neither.  

Primary crews, like the name suggests, are the first and primary line of response needed and called when storms hit. Primary crews are comprised of transmission linemen, high voltage linemen, and distribution linemen dependent upon where in the electrical grid they are restoring power. Each lineman in a primary crew is considered an expert in their field, as the level of training and experience for the primary crew level is extensive and can take anywhere from 4 to 7 years to reach. Overall, primary crews are equipped with bigger bucket trucks, specialized tools, and knowledge on advanced parts of the electrical grid unlike other storm responder counterparts.  

Secondary crews are as equally essential to storm restoration response as primary crews. However, their roles are different. Secondary crews are usually highly trained electricians and journeymen with training and substantial knowledge of electrical components. However, secondary crews can only service power lines that extend from a pole to a house, limiting which parts of the electrical grid they can restore. On account of this, secondary crews usually have smaller bucket trucks and are equipped with less specialized tools than primary crews.  

The third group, who are not linemen, do not have an official name as they do not fall into either category of primary or secondary crews. In this blog the group is referred to as ‘neither’ because they are neither primary nor secondary crews but are necessary for storm restoration. These positions are wire guards and damage assessors. Wire guards and damage assessors require extensive training and knowledge on safety protocol and electrical knowledge. Conversely to linemen, these positions are not fixing the damage caused by storms but are instead alerting and reporting them to the public and utility companies. 

There are different and complex variables in restoring power that are constantly changing from storm to storm. Maverick Storm Restoration Services’ crews are competent, knowledgeable and trained in the complexities of storm restoration. Contact us today to find out how our crews can support you in responding to your next storm event.