07Oct, 22 October 7, 2022Hurricane Utility Damage
  • By Caroline McNally

Last week Hurricane Ian, a category 4 hurricane, made it’s way up the east coast of the United States, decimating parts of Fort Meyers and Naples, and wreaking havoc on coastline communities. In the days and hours prior to this catastrophic hurricane making landfall in Southwest Florida, the mobilization of crews and damage assessors began, so that as soon as it was safe to do so, they could begin to move in and restore power for affected communities. 

Maverick Corporation’s Storm Services division and its affiliate One Source Power began mobilizing to provide the professional resources needed to immediately impact relief and power restoration efforts. One Source Power’s primary crews were deployed to restore power in areas with catastrophic damage caused by Ian in Florida. While the Maverick team mobilized 30 damage assessor crews to aid Georgia Power Company (a subsidiary of Southern Co.) in anticipation of Hurricane Ian directly hitting Athens, Georgia. Thankfully Athens and its community was left unscathed as Ian was pushed east towards the coast by heavy winds.  

The reality of storms can be an unsettling experience, with no power over its damage or route of destruction. We are grateful for the linemen and first responders who respond when most needed to restore power under the most difficult of circumstances. Our storm response teams are dedicated to restoring power and normalcy for our clients and affected communities quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely. 

As the people of Florida and the communities hit by Hurricane Ian rebuild and restore, their resilience, spirit, and determinedness are seen by all. Maverick’s thoughts are with those harmed and affected by Hurricane Ian and we hope that all those affected are safe and sheltered during the relief and restoration process.