Man in bucket truck restoring power
05Jan, 23 January 5, 2023Storm Damage Utility Restoration
  • By Caroline McNally

Restoring power after catastrophic storms is crucial to maintaining safety in communities that have been severely impacted by these extreme forces of nature. Maverick Corporation’s Storm Services division provides the professional resources needed to immediately impact relief and restoration efforts in affected communities following these catastrophic events.  

When power is not restored correctly or efficiently, many things can go wrong. Power lines on the ground containing live wires can lead to electrocution; live wires in a body of water can cause the whole body of water to become electrically charged and pose a huge risk to members of the public. In addition, there is a risk of falling debris, and a risk of water or debris being contaminated.  

As safety is imperative, Maverick Corporation follows strict protocol when restoring power that begins before the storm has hit communities. Prior to a storm, we gather data on the expected damage of the storm, determine resources, and prepare Maverick team members and our vehicles. This is done to ensure a smooth storm restoration process and that no time is wasted due to confusion or lack of direction.  

Once a storm strikes, Maverick fully mobilizes all damage assessors, line crews, and administrative aid to begin power restoration efforts. Restoration is a step-by-step process, starting with damage assessors. Damage assessors evaluate the damage incurred by the storm on the ground level. They identify fallen power lines and mark any unsafe areas for the line crews.  

Once the damage has been evaluated, line crews are dispatched throughout the community to fix marked areas. Line crews start by restoring power to vital infrastructure including hospitals and public services. After power has been restored in the most vital areas, line crews then move to restore power in the communities with the highest number of outages. After power is returned to everyone, tree-trimmers and clean up specialists focus on what, if anything else, needs to be done.  

Power restoration is a complex process, filled with hours of preparation, hundreds of man hours, and difficult working conditions. Maverick damage assessors, line crews, and administrative team members are all trained in storm safety, guaranteeing a safe and efficient power restoration response.