02Dec, 22 December 2, 2022Storm Damage Utility Restoration
  • By Caroline McNally

When a catastrophic event or natural disaster occurs, storm response teams quickly mobilize to provide the professional resources needed to immediately impact relief efforts and restore power. An integral, but often overlooked, element of power restoration efforts is the role of damage assessors. It is imperative that qualified and certified damage assessors are among the first responders on scene in order to accurately report damage and in a timely manner. 

Damage assessors’ services include but are not limited to assessment and reporting of damage, estimating the materials and equipment needed, testing of damages incurred, as well as project management. In simple terms, assessors assess the damage incurred by the storm and who in the surrounding areas has been impacted. Once the assessor assesses the impact of the damage caused, it is then the power and utility companies that send out crews to fix the said damage. Without assessors, the damage would not be known, and crews would be entering the site blindly. 

At Maverick we utilize our proprietary data collection software, Roundup, to improve efficiency and reduce any margin of error during a storm response event. Roundup allows damage assessors to upload images, notes, and key findings of the destruction. This information is then stored electronically across a database that assessors and crews can see, minimizing time spent relaying the information and reassurance that the information aligns with the correct site. Roundup allows for increased efficiency for both damage assessors and crews as it provides real-time updates and communication between them. 

Without damage assessors the restoration from storm damage would take far longer with a much higher margin for error. Maverick always uses qualified damage assessors, many of whom are retired linemen and utility workers who have decades of experience working on distribution systems. We ensure that power and normalcy is restored for our clients quickly, efficiently, and above all else, safely.