Wire Guards Storm Response and Restoration
18Jan, 23 January 18, 2023Storm Damage Utility Restoration
  • By Caroline McNally

Experiencing a storm can be a terrifying time. Trees blowing at incomprehensible speeds, fallen wires, lost power, portable phone chargers missing cords, flashlights with missing batteries, and the feeling of chaos. Everyone has different concerns, issues, and experiences in the whirlwind times of storms. One common concern between most, is the concern surrounding safety. The safety of our property, homes, families, communities, nature, and anything that holds meaning to us. Often, we hope for the best possible outcome and trustingly wait for the damage to be repaired so that we can return to life as normal.

While we face chaos in our own homes during storms, we trust that everything else external to our homes will be taken care of by the experts. Wire Guards, a lesser-known position in storm restoration teams, are often the first storm responder that the public encounters the aftermath of a storm event. Wire guards, like the name suggests, guard wires. And although the name may not sound like much, their job is one of the most important safety protocols during storm responses.

Right after a storm, wire guards and damage assessors travel together to damage ridden communities and areas. While damage assessors travel around documenting and reporting damage, wire guards spend their time protecting the public the damage left behind by a storm. Wire guards can be stationed at a damaged area from anywhere between one to nine hours while awaiting the arrival of line crews to repair and restore power. After line crews have arrived to the damaged site, wire guards are relieved of that station and are either redeployed to another affected area, or sent home if all the work is done.

The ultimate role of a wire guard is to protect the safety of the public from fallen power lines on the ground and any other objects in the area that may be energized as a result of these fallen lines being live. This is usually done by means of forming a barrier to restrict public access and ensuring that all members of the public stay clear until qualified personnel arrive and make it safe again. Wire guards are generally assigned to their areas in order of busiest to least busy footfall and vehicular traffic; ensuring that communities are shielded from any possible danger.

Maverick Storm Services is grateful for our team of diligent wire guards that ensure every storm restoration operation goes smoothly and safely with no harm to community members. Wire guards’ work is hugely important in the process of storm restoration and ensuring that all operations are completed with safety first in mind.